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Operation Fix-It

OFI logoOperation Fix-It (OFI) is a high volume/low cost spay and neuter service which is intended to allow low-income pet owners to have their pets altered at an affordable rate. Without this program, countless litters of unwanted animals would be born into the Greater Kalamazoo area, putting further strain on the resources of our local shelters and rescues, and resulting in more abandoned or neglected pets.

OFI alters approximately 4100 cats and dogs annually, and in October 2014 we reached our 50,000th surgery since 2002 when the program was first made available.
50000th Neuter (Oct. 2014)
OFI is staffed by a dedicated team of licensed veterinarians and assistants who specialize in pet sterilization. The program is funded entirely by the generosity of others; donors, sponsors and grants. Thanks to the funding we get from these outside sources, and by reducing overhead costs, we're able to reduce the fee that pet owners would pay to have their pet altered.