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Operation Fix-It Feral Cat TNR

Feral and Community Cats have been living alongside humans for thousands of years. People often assume that an "outdoor" cat has been abandoned or dumped off, but in every habitat and community in the United States, stray cats can be found. Many of these cats were born outdoors as strays. Some become socialized by those that feed them, and others become wild due to a lack of contact with humans. In either case, these cats should be altered to prevent even more cats from claiming your yard as home.

KHS can help with an affordable program designed specifically for Feral/Community cats. For $40.00, these cats can be brought in to be altered, ear-tipped and Rabies vaccinated.

Due to the nature of feral cats, we understand that scheduling an appointment is not possible. Feral cats can be brought in Thursday from 7:30-8am without an appointment.

*Feral cats must be in a live-trap; no exceptions. Unscheduled socialized cats and/or cats in carriers will be turned away. Appointments are required for all owned, domesticated cats.

You should never remove a feral cat from a neighborhood unless it's sick or injured. These cats are not able to be adopted, and will be euthanized at local shelters. Feral cats will keep a balance in your area, preventing more cats from moving in. If you remove one cat, another one (one that is likely unaltered and unvaccinated) will migrate in and continue the cycle of reproduction and the spread of disease.

Consider TNR as a humane solution to a stray cat problem that allows the cat to continue living out it's life.

For more information about Feral/Community Cats, visit these sites: